I like rocks, baked goods, and coffee. I am originally from Maine in the USA where I grew up hiking with my dad, playing lots of sports, and taking sledding very seriously. During my college summer breaks, I worked in mountain huts in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, where I confirmed my love for exploring rocky trails and living above treeline. Running out the door and onto a trail with a bag of snacks was (and still is) the ultimate sense of freedom. Arriving in Switzerland a few years later, I found myself more excited about racing and also with a new mountain partner who wanted to share in my adventures.

I’m also a geologist and study how the Earth’s surface changes over time. I love being able to look around me and understand the history of the landscape. Every river, mountain, pebble, hillslope has a story to tell.

Above all else, I love spending long days moving through the mountains – whether that be running, skiing, biking, or some combination. I like to draw lines on maps and then see where my body can take me. See you out there!

1st Diagonale des fous
2nd Western States Endurance Run
2nd OCC – UTMB
1st EcoTrail Paris
1st Coastal challenge

1st Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc
1st Val d’Aran By UTMB – 100k
1st Maxi Race Marathon

2nd Lavaredo Ultra Trail
8th Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – UTMB
1st Swissalpine Marathon
1st Trail du Ventoux
2nd Porte di Pietra

1st Ultra Trail Côte d’Azur Mercantour – 130km
1st Trail de l’Ubaye

« Taming Giants » mountain endurance project : Cervinia – Chamonix traverse. Breithorn – Haute route – Mont-Blanc in 3 days 

6th UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc
1st 90k Mont-Blanc
2nd MIUT – Madeira Island Ultra Trail
1st ONE&1 – Run to camp
Hut Traverse Fastest Known Time, New Hampshire

2nd CCC – UTMB
1st Maxi-Race Annecy
1st Pierra Menta été
1st Madeira Ultra 85km


From my home base in the Maritime Alps of southern France, I travel the world with my guitar, but I’m always happiest when I’m back in the Mercantour National Park skiing, biking, climbing, or running. I’ve been active in the Alpine area my whole life but was most focused on mountain biking and alpine skiing. I started running later in my twenties when I left competitive cycling. Living in the mountains, I saw that trail running was the simplest and fastest way to move across challenging terrain and draw my own lines towards ridges and summits. My passion for ultrarunning comes from its power to help me escape and to grow as a person.

As a former geologist, I constantly try to understand the history of the mountains around me. It adds another sense of meaning to my runs. Nature is what inspires me the most every day. I observe and find inspiration from all that is around me. We easily forget, but nature is 4 billion years of research and development. Too many words already, time to go outside!

2nd Diagonale des fous
3rd Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc
1st 90k Mont-Blanc
5th Transvulcania

1st Val d’Aran By UTMB – 160k
5th Diagonale des Fous
1st Swiss Canyon 80k

5th UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc
3rd Swissalpine
3rd Trail du Ventoux
1st Ultra Trail Côte d’Azur Mercantour – 10km

1st Ultra Trail Côte d’Azur Mercantour – 130km

« Taming Giants » mountain endurance project : Cervinia – Chamonix traverse. Breithorn – Haute route – Mont-Blanc in 3 days

9th UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc
3rd 90k Mont-Blanc
1st XxL Maxi-Race Annecy
1st Vibram Maremontana

Hut Traverse Fastest Known Time pacing, New Hampshire

5nd CCC – UTMB
1st Maxi-Race Annecy
1st Madeira Ultra 85km
2nd Pierra Menta été