I like rocks, baked goods, and coffee. I am originally from Maine in the USA where I grew up hiking with my dad, playing lots of sports, and taking sledding very seriously. During my college summer breaks, I worked in mountain huts in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, where I confirmed my love for exploring rocky trails and living above treeline. Running out the door and onto a trail with a bag of snacks was (and still is) the ultimate sense of freedom. Arriving in Switzerland a few years later, I found myself more excited about racing and also with a new mountain partner who wanted to share in my adventures.

I’m also a geologist and study how the Earth’s surface changes over time. I love being able to look around me and understand the history of the landscape. Every river, mountain, pebble, hillslope has a story to tell.

Above all else, I love spending long days moving through the mountains – whether that be running, skiing, biking, or some combination. I like to draw lines on maps and then see where my body can take me. See you out there!


6th UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc
1st 90k Mont-Blanc
2nd MIUT – Madeira Island Ultra Trail
1st ONE&1 – Run to camp

2nd CCC – UTMB
1st Maxi-Race Annecy
1st Pierra Menta été
1st Madeira Ultra 85km

1st Pierra Menta été
1st Transrockies Run
2nd Gran Paradiso Ultra
5th Livigno Skymarathon